Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen scavengers can be used in food, pharmaceutical or other products to prevent product decay, deterioration, mildew and deodorization: through this oxygen scavenger, the nutritional value of the product itself can be maintained and the loss of its quality can be avoided. It allows the oxygen content in the package to be less than 0.1% and continues to be maintained at this level.
Product Features
Prevents the growth of aerobic pathogens and their damage to tissue structure
Exclude conditions where some bacteria may grow rapidly
Extend the shelf life of the product
Typical use:
Pharmaceutical, vitamins
Food (bread, cake, snacks, etc.)
Snack food
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  • Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

    Oxygen absorber for food storage is packed in a sealed paper bag with a certain degree of air permeability and strength. The package material is made of high-grade 3-layer composite film.
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  • Deoxidizer Packets for Food

    Oxygen is one of the important factors that cause food deterioration. The deoxidizer packets for food removes oxygen from the sealed container in a short time by chemical reaction.
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  • Oxygen Scavenger for Beef Jerky

    Normal oxygen absorbers performance is easy to get reduced when oil immersed, Take beef jerky as example. Our oil resistant type oxygen absorber is specially designed for high fat food preservation, by introducing foreign advanced oil-proof packaging material. It can...
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  • Food Grade Oxygen Absorber

    The food grade oxygen absorber is made of high quality reduced iron powder, a small amount of activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, vermiculite and sodium chloride.
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  • Oxygen Scavenger Packets

    Normal oxygen absorber cannot absorb carbon dioxide. our double absorption type oxygen scavenger packet is special designed to absorb both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the packaging.
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