​What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Desiccant Packaging Material
Jul 12, 2018

The packaging materials using desiccant are also very particular. The so-called desiccant is used for moisture-proof and mildew-proof drying. However, there are three aspects of the desiccant packaging materials.


1. the gas permeability: the desiccant packaging according to the breathability is the most important performance of its effectiveness, the use of poor permeability of the packaging material desiccant will have a slow moisture absorption, thus affecting the desiccant control humidity.

2. safety: The safety of packaging materials is mainly reflected in its own strength, anti-dust performance and sealing strength. In desiccant applications, the role of the packaging material is to ensure that the sorbent is as isolated as possible from products that require moisture protection. Dry sorbent leakage due to defects in packaging materials may affect product quality.

3. Economical: On the basis of safety and effectiveness, it is very important to choose a desiccant packaging material suitable for your own products. This requires us to combine the requirements for safety and effectiveness in the process of selecting products. The price factor, choose the desiccant product solution that suits you, and find out the best product cost performance. It is easy to do this by comparison.

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