Is The Food Desiccant A Food Production License
Sep 25, 2018

Is there a food production license for food desiccant?

Customers who are looking for food desiccants often ask the same question. Do your food desiccants have food production licenses and food hygiene permits?

Hello! At present, all the desiccant industries do not have these two certificates. Because food desiccants are not food additives, they are not directly added to the food and food and then enter the consumer's belly. They belong to the packaging category. Therefore, the type of desiccant enterprise is not classified as a food manufacturer, but is a general packaging enterprise. Therefore, the relevant state departments have no certification standards and cannot be accepted. All food desiccant manufacturers have only three certificates: business license, tax registration certificate and organization code.

So how do you identify if a desiccant can be used in food?


There are two ways to identify if a desiccant can be used in food:

1. Does the desiccant have any test report related to food safety? For example: microbes, heavy metals, abnormal toxicity, etc., third-party authoritative testing institutions (such as: SGS, etc.), prove that its built-in materials and packaging paper are non-toxic, no heavy metals Or some elements are lower than the national and European and American environmental standards (such as: ROSH, etc.).

2. Does the packaging material of the desiccant meet the requirements of food packaging materials? The direct contact of the packaging materials with food is more important than the safety of the contents. Among the types of packaging materials, food grade composite plastics and DuPont papers are suitable. However, the desiccant requirements for export are relatively strict, especially for foods that go to the United States. All materials must be FDA-approved (DuPont paper has FDA certification).

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