Congratulations On The Successful Listing Of Chunwang Environmental Protection
Feb 20, 2016


Recently, Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been approved by the competent national authorities and approved to be listed. The stock abbreviation: “Chunwang Environmental Protection”, stock code: “831880”. Founded in 1998, the company has initially formed an environmentally friendly business system for industrial drying, air purification and air freshening, food preservation, and household cleaning.

The successful listing of Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the result of the capital platform and the real economy going hand in hand to promote the enterprise to a higher level. It is conducive to the company's development opportunities in a broader market. At the same time, it is also conducive to the company to further improve the mechanism, attract and stabilize outstanding talents; further improve the corporate governance structure, effectively improve the management level; better achieve the company's healthy and sustainable development . "The sea is wide and the fish is flying, and the sky is high." I believe that the company will make full use of external resources, promote internal improvement, create a diversified business model, build a market at home and abroad, create a national and even globally renowned brand, and become an environmental protection industry. Leading enterprise.

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