Chunwang Desiccant Packaging Equipment Upgraded
Jun 28, 2018


Since its establishment in 1998, Chunwang has been through 19 years. Because of the trust and support of our customers and friends, Chunwang has gradually grown to the current scale, and our desiccant products have been recognized and adopted by more and more big brand companies. As a fast-growing enterprise, Chunwang clearly feels that production capacity is getting tighter. Therefore, Chunwang's desiccant packaging equipment is gradually upgrading! We will replace some old-style granule packaging with more efficient multi-row packaging machine. Machine, the new machine cuts 8 packs in a single package, and the efficiency of a single machine is increased by 8 times. Please customers and friends to rest assured that the order, do not worry about Chunwang's production capacity.

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