Chunwang Business Staff Xia Yong Day Tour
Mar 30, 2017

First, the theme of the event:

On April 8, 2017, I met with Xiayong Beach in Huizhou.

Second, the purpose of the event:

In order to enrich the cultural life of Chunwang's friends and improve the company's welfare, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and hard work. Through this event, we promote mutual understanding between partners and enhance the tacit understanding of our partners.

Third, the purpose of the event:

1. Strengthen the cohesiveness and teamwork ability of Chunwang business team;

2. Inspire the enthusiasm of Chunwang's small partners to participate in the company's activities;

3. Strengthen and consolidate the familiarity of Chunwang's small partners with the company's corporate philosophy;

4, leisure and entertainment, ease work fatigue.

Fourth, the activity project:

1. A monk picks water, two monks raise water, and three groups cook rice. Divided into three teams to work together to solve the problem of food and clothing at noon.


Attached to the labor results:


2. Let us be a red dust companion, live awesome, let us smash a horse... Elcon's sense of sight.


3. If you tear my card, I will not kill.


4. The photo of the Chunwang business team, who said that we only rely on talent to eat?


5. Xiaobian experience:

The organization's play may lack some sense of self-sufficiency, but organized play is also a special experience.

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