Moth Tablet

The anti-caries agent is a medicament for preventing, repelling or controlling foraging pests such as eclipse fur, fiber products, books, calligraphy and the like (black skin mites, tinea skin mites, clothing moths, squid, etc.).
Mothballs containing dichlorobenzene and naphthalene are pesticide products, which are generally used for anti-mite of industrial products or agricultural products, and should not be used for household items. The dextromethrin insecticide is a synthetic insecticide that is similar in chemical structure to natural pyrethrin. Lavender essential oil, quick-acting, healthy for people, and has the effect of increasing fragrance and calming.
Ideal anti-caries agent condition
(1) It must have high lethality against all kinds of mites;
(2) Non-toxic or extremely toxic, safe for humans;
(3) moderate volatility;
(4) It does not cause discoloration or deterioration of the packaging material in contact with the clothing.
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  • Scented Paradichlorobenzene Moth Balls

    The scented paradichlorobenzene moth balls are takes 98% purity para-dichlorobenzene as main ingredient.
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  • Lavender Scented Moth Bar

    Lavender scented moth bar takes 98% p-dichlorobenzene and lavender scent as ingredient, the smell is fresh, competitive and practical; it can protect clothing from clothing moth invading.
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  • Moth Cake

    The main ingredient of Moth cake is para- dichlorobenzene. It was special develop for wardrobe closet, garment bags, environment for eliminate clothing moth, carpet beetles, eggs and larvae, the plastic case with hook make it easy for hanging on closet. The moth cake is a...
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  • PDCB Moth Tablet Strip

    Product Name: PDCB moth tablet strip
    Weight available: 100 gram, 120 gram, 150 gram
    Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzene
    Color: white ball
    Type: strip pack with hanger
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  • PDCB Camphor Balls for Clothes

    1. The pdcb camphor balls for clothes take 98% purity 1,4-Dichlorobenzene as main material.
    2. This product can effectively prevent from moth, insects doing damage to clothes, wardrobe, drawers.
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  • Solid Camphor Tablets with Fragrance

    Product Name: camphor tablets with fragrance
    Weight available: 50gram , 80 gram, 100 gram,150 gram
    Ingredient: camphor balls, no naphthalene
    Color: white ball
    CAS: 106-46-7
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  • PDCB Toilet Deodorant Ball

    1. Function: eliminate insects, deodorant
    2. Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzene
    3. Chemical Name: C6H4Cl2
    4. CAS No.: 106-46-7
    5. Purity: 98%
    6. Period of Validity: 2 years
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  • Hanging Toilet Deodorant Balls

    Hanging toilet deodorant balls are ideal products specially in odor removing, deodorant, insect repellent for toilet, closet, wardrobe, Luggage room and other spaces.
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  • Toilet Naphathalene Ball

    Product Name: toilet naphthalene ball
    Active Ingredients: naphthalene ball
    Purity: 96%
    Weight: 180gram ,200gram ,230gram, 250gram
    Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Luggage /
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  • Color Toilet Freshener Balls

    Product Name: Color Toilet deodorant ball
    ​Active Ingredients: paradichlorobenzene
    Purity: 98%
    Weight: 180gram ,200gram ,230gram, 250gram
    Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Luggage / Storage box
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