What is the applicable environment for silica gel desiccant and montmorillonite desiccant
May 22, 2017


The average pore diameter of the silica gel desiccant is 2A (Note: A is Angstrom, abbreviated as angstrom; it is a unit of length, 1A=10 minus ten square meters, which is a unit of length smaller than nanometer, 1A=0.1 nm ), has a good affinity for water molecules, the most suitable moisture absorption environment for silica gel desiccant is room temperature (20 ° C ~ 32 ° C), high humidity RH (60% ~ 90%), which can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to 40% about.


The smectite desiccant is most suitable for absorbing moisture in an environment below 50 °C. When the temperature is higher than 50 ° C, the degree of "water release" of the montmorillonite desiccant is greater than the degree of "water absorption".

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