Is the desiccant toxic
Oct 19, 2016

Speaking of desiccant, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. It can be seen in most products. We can usually see the words “DO NOT EAT” on the desiccant, but What happens when you eat dry desiccant often, is the desiccant toxic? What should you pay attention to when using desiccant? What should I do with a desiccant?

Through the statistics of the incident of ingestion of desiccant, it is found that the desiccant that is eaten by eating is basically from the food, so is the desiccant placed in the food poisonous?

To know if a desiccant that is ingested is poisonous, you must first figure out which type of desiccant you are eating. There are two kinds of desiccants commonly used in foods, one is quicklime desiccant and the other is silica gel desiccant.


Condition 1: Ingestion of quicklime desiccant

The quicklime desiccant is mainly composed of calcium oxide (CaO) which is a white block before moisture absorption. After being damp, it becomes powdery calcium hydroxide, which is slaked lime, which is a chemical desiccant. Such desiccants are highly toxic, causing corrosive burns when ingested. One is because the desiccant is alkaline, and the other is because calcium oxide reacts with water to generate a chemical reaction and release heat. Therefore, the quicklime desiccant is very toxic, and such desiccant is rarely used in foods.

However, if you eat this desiccant. First of all, don't rush to the hospital; drink water or milk immediately, usually 120-240 ml for adults, children usually take 10 ml per kg of body weight, but the total amount should not exceed 200 ml, because excessive drinking can induce vomiting; then send Go to the hospital for treatment.


Condition 2: Ingestion of silica gel desiccant

Silica gel desiccant is an FDA-approved desiccant that can be directly contacted with food. The main component is silica (SiO2), which is a colorless and transparent pellet. This desiccant is more likely to cause children's curiosity. It looks a lot like candy). This kind of desiccant is a substitute for lime desiccant. It is widely used in the food industry because it is non-toxic and harmless. The main component is the same as the sand in the river and the glass in the home. It is a kind of physical adsorption desiccant. The adsorption method is not the chemical reaction method. Therefore, inadvertent consumption of such desiccant does not react with the human body and is not absorbed by the human body.

If you do not eat this desiccant, you don't need to do special treatment; as long as you don't deliberately eat it in large quantities, you don't have to worry too much. If you have any special adverse reactions such as dizziness and vomiting after taking it, you need to seek medical attention.

In addition, the ingestion of desiccant mainly occurs in the group of children. The reason is caused by the negligence of the parents. Please parents and friends to develop a good sense. Before giving snacks to children, they must first tear open the package and throw away the inside. Desiccant.

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