Desiccant and our food and clothing
Sep 30, 2016

People eat food for the sky. For eating, we always spend a lot of energy to study it. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies are filled with all kinds of food. Dried fruits, candied fruit, dried shiitake mushrooms, Chinese herbal medicines, medicines, nutritional products, health products. However, if we buy a can of already moldy and damp snacks, the drugs that have expired, the mood can be imagined how lost, even angry. As consumers, we can't tolerate quality problems. We should ask manufacturers to do moisture protection measures to ensure that quality is ok.

When you are full, drink enough, sit on the sofa and watch TV, and enjoy the sofa, kitchen, living room and bedroom in your home. Looking at the comfortable home environment, there is an impulse to take care of the care. When you are planning to invite friends and family to come to the house, you will find that your house has an odor and asks you to feel uncomfortable, not to mention the elderly.

Many people are looking forward to traveling, driving a self-driving car, carrying a suitcase, carrying a travel bag, carrying a SLR camera to a beautiful place, and enjoying a beautiful encounter... However, life will always be a little embarrassing, not perfect. : The camera lens is moldy, can't keep the beautiful picture, can't keep her perfect figure; the suitcase is moldy, the clothes inside the box are smashed; the leather seat in the car is moldy, feel dizzy, and sound air conditioning equipment Moldy, can't hear the song, can't blow the air conditioner.

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