Can silica gel desiccant be used as a container desiccant
Jun 21, 2016

Silica gel desiccant can not be used as a container desiccant, the main reason is two points:

1) Silica gel desiccant has a low moisture absorption rate (about 30% moisture absorption rate, and the best is about 35% moisture absorption rate), and the container space is large, and the silica gel desiccant is difficult to meet the moisture-proof requirements of container transportation.

2) Silica gel desiccant will not only absorb water but also release water vapor when the temperature exceeds 37 °C (this characteristic determines that silica gel desiccant is not suitable for use in sea transportation), and calcium chloride desiccant is suitable for -5 °C ~ 90 °C. The temperature range is fully adaptable to the temperature difference of container ocean transportation.

At present, only calcium chloride desiccant is the most suitable as a container marine transport desiccant, because the calcium chloride desiccant can absorb up to 10 times of the silica desiccant, and it will not guarantee the temperature change of the container ocean transportation. Spit water.

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