Humidity Indicator Card

The humidity card is a card used to display the humidity of the sealed space. The percentage data above or to the side of the circle is the relative humidity data indicated by the corresponding circle.
Most of the high-end electronic components and equipment such as electronic components and precision optical components are susceptible to moisture, causing corrosion, reduced sensitivity, and even irreparable damage.
In order to prevent the product from being eroded and damaged by moisture, most products will use a moisture-proof packaging combination to protect the product during the packaging stage of the final finished product and semi-finished product, and the humidity display card is convenient and economical to detect whether the humidity is under control. When the sealed bag is opened, the color on the humidity card shows that the read data can be used as a basis for monitoring whether the humidity in the sealed package is within the specified humidity range. At the same time, it can also indirectly reflect whether the desiccant in the sealed package is played. Moisture absorption effect.
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  • Humidity Paper Indicator

    The humidity indicator paper is a kind of paper on which a moisture-sensitive chemical is impregnated that it will change color when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded,which is a quite cost effective way to make sure the relative humidity levels inside sealed...
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  • Moisture Indicator Paper

    Moisture indicator paper is a kind of accurate and convenient humidity testing tools by detecting the color change of the indicting dots on the paper based on the scientific design. It is quite easy to use with simple operation that one person is enough to do the task. And it...
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  • Humidity Indicator Paper

    The humidity indicator paper simplifies the determination of atmospheric relative humidity. It consists of a series of absorbent papers containing various chemicals that change the color of the test strip depending on the humidity of the air.
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  • Humidity Indicator Strips

    The humidity indicator strips are able to provide a simple, reliable, visual indication of the relative humidity within a sealed package. Owing to be sensitive to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind, they do not work well in open air. They work well and...
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  • Cobalt Dichloride Free Humidity Indicator Cards

    Humidity indicator card is designed with several dots.It is a practical tool to check the humidity that you can determine whether it is suitable for storing the valuable things any more according to the change of the color.
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  • Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards

    The humidity indicator cards are the cards which are designed with several dots to check the humidity. Adopting the theory of humidity control, it is scientific and efficient to see the change of color to test the humidity degree.
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  • Moisture Indicator Label

    The humidity indicator label is a kind of visible cards which is designed with several dots that can change the color from "dry" to "wet", while the each dot on the card indicates the specified relative humidity degree to help us protect the valuable things in good condition.
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  • Humidity Sensor Card

    The humidity indicator card is the traditional card to test the humidity by adopting the theory of humidity control which is designed with three dots which represent the humidity of 5%,10% and 60%.
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  • Hic Humidity Indicator Card

    Humidity indicator cards are the cards which are printed with moisture sensitive spots. The indicating dots on the card make it simple to see the relative humidity inside the packaging clearly that the cards respond to various levels of humidity with a visible change of...
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  • Moisture Indicator Card

    Disposable moisture indicator cards, printed with several moisture sensitive spots which is capable of responding to various levels of humidity with colour change. Owing to the moisture-sensitive chemical, it is able to change colors when it is to the prescribed humidity levels.
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  • Relative Humidity Indicator

    The paper can easily measure the relative humidity inside the sealed package which is a simple and quick way with low cost to decide whether the humidity level is safe. The indicator is made with high standards that it is of premium quality and excellent operation with fine...
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  • Humidity Indicator Sticker

    The humidity indicator sticker is a kind of visible card with several dots the dot color will change along with the humidity degree, contributing to help the users to know the inside humidity condition and decide whether the desiccant should be replaced or not.
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