Humidity Control Packet

Particularity of tobacco storage is that after a considerable period of storage, tobacco leaves have significant changes in color, aroma and taste. This change in the quality of tobacco leaves is called "natural alcoholization". The storage process of tobacco leaves is actually its natural alcoholization process. In the process of natural alcoholization of tobacco leaves, the environmental requirements are very high, and the optimum alcoholization time and storage requirements of different quality tobacco leaves are different. In the process of natural alcoholization of tobacco leaves, appropriate temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen content are required in the warehouse environment. Temperature and humidity of the warehouse environment have a decisive impact, and inappropriate temperature and humidity will cause excessive alcoholization of tobacco leaves to A serious decline.
Storage relative humidity should be suitable for packaging, neither too dry to damage the taste of cigarettes, nor too wet to prevent mildew after packaging.
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  • 2 Way Humidity Pack For Musical Instruments

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  • Guitar Humidity Control Packet

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  • 2 Way Humidity Control Packs

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  • Two Way Humidity Control Packet

    he two way humidity control packet is a practical and useful solution to take control the humidity from 30% to 80% in the contained environment, no too dry or too wet. It can not only absorb the moisture but also release the moisture.
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  • Two Way Humidification Packet

    The humidification packet is a two-way humidity control system that it adopts the advanced technology which is able to release or absorb moisture,keeping the humidity from 30% to 80% in a contained environment.
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  • Cigar Box Moisture Control Packet

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