Ethylene Absorbers

The cooked fruit will release ethylene. It can also be said that ethylene is a ripening agent. For example, ripe bananas and immature bananas are put together and sealed with a bag. After a while, you can find that both bananas will mature. Ethylene is like a hormone that specializes in ripening plants. The fruit growers tend to pick up the mature fruit in advance. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation of the fruit and prolong the shelf life of the fruit, an ethylene absorbent is placed in the fruit.
Ethylene absorption products help:
Reduce waste by controlling overmaturation and decay.
Reduce moisture loss and improve product appearance, texture and nutritional quality.
Eliminate the unpleasant smell of over-maturation.
Increase customer satisfaction by offering higher quality products.
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  • Ethylene Eliminator For Fruit

    Ethylene is a plant hormone which is able to accelerate ripening of various foods. As fruits, vegetables and flowers are sensitive to ethylene, its presence accelerate the maturation causing a rapid deterioration of their properties.So, it is wise to control the emission of...
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  • Vegetable And Fruit Saver Bags

    The ethylene absorber is professionally designed to remove the ethylene gas which is able to be released by the mature fruits and vegetables to promote the food mature, decay. Thus, it is used to keep the food fresh.
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  • Ethylene Absorbing Bags

    Ethylene absorbing bags are the newly designed products which made by the use of high quality materials which incorporates ethylene absorbants,making it available to absorb ethylene gas. The bags are capable of keeping your vegetables, fruits and flowers, fresher, longer ...
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  • Ethylene Scavenger Sachets

    Ethylene sachets is practical that it can be used as the scavenger to absorb the ethylene gas while the latter is available to promote the fruits and vegetables mature. Without the gas, it is able to keep fruits and veggies fresher longer and tasting great.
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  • Ethylene Gas Absorber For The Fridge

    The ethylene gas absorber is especially engineered for the fridge because it is able to remove the ethylene gas,keeping the freshness of the fruits and vegetable as well as prolonging the service life of food.
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  • Ethylene Gas Absorber Packets

    The ethylene gas absorber packets are professionally designed to absorb the ethylene gas.It is able to eliminate decay, mold, discoloration and the many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas, prolonging the service life of the products.
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