Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant

ndicating silica gel desiccant main component is silica gel, its chemical name is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic....

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Indicating silica gel desiccant is an indicator type adsorbent. This product consists of transparent desiccant beads, blue desiccant beads, and orange desiccant beads.

Blue desiccant beads will gradually change from blue to red after absorbing water. Orange desiccant bead is orange in the dry state and gradually turns green after absorbing water. They have the same properties as the transparent silica gel. In combination with ordinary silica gel desiccant, they can indicate the degree of moisture absorption rate of the desiccant and the relative humidity of the environment.

Silica gel desiccant is the most common type of moisture absorbent in the market and it is widely used for various kinds of industries. It is mainly used for moisture absorption and rust prevention of instruments and equipment.



1.Moisture absorption rate over 30%;

2.Significant color change as the amount of moisture absorption increases;

3.Good heat stability, strong mechanical strength;



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