Wardrobe Damp Absorbers

Product name: Wardrobe damp absorbers
Net weight: 248G
Hygroscopic capacity: 500ML
Raw Material: Calcium chloride granule+Fragrance granule
Shelf life: Placed in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years
OEM&ODM: Acceptable

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Product Description

Wardrobe damp absorbers remove excess moisture to protect your clothes and leather products from mold and moisture. It not only protects clothes from damage, it also eliminates the odor caused by moisture. Hanging wardrobe damp absorbers prevent mold and stains by eliminating excess moisture from mold and mold growth.


1. The addition of modified activated carbon or aroma particles makes the air fresher.

2. Prevents mold and stains, eliminates the musty smell caused by excessive moisture, and creates a cleaner, healthier indoor air.

3. Using high-quality new raw materials, high water absorption, scent, low price and good quality.

4. Free samples and OEM or custom.


Wardrobe damp absorbers can be used in wardrobes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, lockers or where there is any problem with excessive moisture and air retention.


Product nameWardrobe damp absorbers
Net weight248G
Hygroscopic capacity500ML
Raw MaterialCalcium chloride granule+Fragrance granule
PackageStrong strength compound Tyvek and PE bag, hook
Applicationschest, cabinet,bedroom, kitchen,warehouse,office, vehicles, etc
Shelf lifePlaced in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years
CertificationREACH, ROHS, DMF, SVHC by SGS, MSDS 

Guidance to Use

1. Take out the bag from outer bag.

2. Hang it in the sealed place where need dehumidify.

3. Reserved at least 5-10cm distance between the bag and goods.

4. Make the dehumidifier and the air totally contacted, remove about 1 or 2 bags.

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