Moisture Absorber Hanging Bag

Product name: Moisture absorber hanging bag
Net weight: 125g
Hygroscopic capacity: 250ml
Raw Material: Calcium chloride and Amylopectin Polymer
Certification: REACH, ROHS, DMF, SVHC by SGS, MSDS
OEM&ODM: Acceptable...

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Product Description

The moisture absorber hanging bag can remove excess moisture to eliminate stagnant air and musty in your home. The moisture absorber bag's unique patented design is the ideal way to protect fabrics and other materials in enclosed spaces. In the closet, it can protect the clothing from damage and prevent the musty smell caused by excessive moisture, which will help leave a fresh and pleasant aroma.


- Just hang it without electricity.

- Protects valuables from damage and musty.

- Non-toxic and septic tank safety.

- Once you're done, just discard it and replace it.

- Moisture proof and safe It will turn to gel directly after absorb the air moisture.

- High moisture absorption ability (above 200% of its own weight).

- Environmental Friendly is a kins of non-toxic,environment friendly and food grade desiccants.


The moisture absorber hanging bag offers advanced moisture control: wardrobes, bathrooms, laundry, lockers, basements, garages, gym lockers, boats - or anything that requires advanced moisture control to combat humid air and musty.


Product nameMoisture absorber hanging bag
Net weight125g
Hygroscopic capacity250ml
Raw MaterialCalcium chloride and Amylopectin Polymer
PackageDM Moisture proof paper, hook
ApplicationsIndoor, chest, cabinet, bedroom, kitchen, warehouse, office, vehicles, etc
Shelf lifePlaced in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years
CertificationREACH, ROHS, DMF, SVHC by SGS, MSDS


1. With 200% high absorption rate of brand Calcium chloride and Amylopectin polymer at at temperature 25℃ and relative humidity 90%.

2. It is big difference from Calcium chlrode grannual will turn into water after using.

3. This new Stype Gel moisture absorebr will turn into gel after absorb the air moisture.

4. Environmental friendly and non-toxic desiccants.


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