Hanging Desiccant Dehumidifier Bags

Product Type: hanging desiccant dehumidifier bags
Material: 2-5mm calcium chloride particles+tyvek paper+PE bag+ plastic hanger
Fabric Type: 248g & 500ml
Applications: Chest, cabinet, bedroom, kitchen, warehouse, office, vehicles, etc.
Shelf life: Placed in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years

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Product Description

These hanging desiccant dehumidifier bags are hanging wardrobe drying bags for dehumidification. Made of activated carbon, it is a good helper for dehumidification and is also very durable. Creative Hanging and clsoed funnel design makes it easy to hang it wherever you want. 

Easy-hanging hanging desiccant dehumidifier bags are designed to eliminate moisture and moisture in the wardrobe and air in the home.They are suitable for wardrobes, bookcases, storage boxes, shoe boxes and all enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and more.


1) With 200% high absorption rate of brand 2-5mm Calcium chloride particles at temperature 25℃ and relative humidity 90%.

2) 4g activated carbon beads or Aroma bead for optional to add into dehumidifier bag for fresh air.

3) Convenient to use in cloest, bathroom, laundry room, storage locker etc to remove musty damp smell, fresh air in interior home.

4) Hydrophilic crystals help keep moisture in the air and help fight against condensation, moisture in the room, allergens and mold in the air.


Product Type:hanging desiccant dehumidifier bags
Material:2-5mm calcium chloride particles+tyvek paper+PE bag+ plastic hanger
Fabric Type:248g & 500ml
ApplicationsChest, cabinet,bedroom, kitchen,warehouse,office, vehicles, etc
Shelf lifePlaced in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years
MOQ(customized)Customized label 2000pcs
Customized cardboard box 500box
Customized outer plastic bag 20000pcs
CertificationREACH, ROHS, DMF, SVHC by SGS, MSDS 
Delivery Detailwithin 5-20 work days after deposit payment done


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