Closet Moisture Absorber Bags

Product name: Closet moisture absorber bags
Net weight: 248g
Hygroscopic capacity: 500ml
Raw Material: Calcium chloride granule+Fragrance granule
MOQ(customized): 10000pcs
Shelf life: Placed in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years

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Product Description

These closet moisture absorber bags are disposable, non-hygroscopic hygroscopic agent that combines a fresh fragrance to prevent damage from excessive moisture. The wardrobe moisture absorber bag absorbs the musty smell caused by air retention, resulting in a cleaner, healthier air.

This moisture absorber bag is suitable for use in damp areas to remove excess moisture from the air. It is suitable for closets, bathrooms, laundry, basements, storage rooms, boats, motor homes, etc.


1. Using high-quality new raw materials, high moisture absorption rate, low price, good quality and aroma.

2. Add optional modified activated carbon or aroma particles to absorb moisture and odor to make the air fresher;

4. Environmentally friendly design to contribute to the protection of the planet;

3. Free samples and OEM or custom.


Product nameCloset moisture absorber bags
Net weight248g
Hygroscopic capacity500ml
Raw MaterialCalcium chloride granule+Fragrance granule
PackageStrong strength compound Tyvek and PE bag, hook
Applicationschest, cabinet,bedroom, kitchen,warehouse,office, vehicles, etc
Shelf lifePlaced in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years
CertificationREACH, ROHS, DMF, SVHC by SGS, MSDS 


1. Helps protect your items and fabrics from excess moisture.

2. It is designed to be easily suspended in a small enclosed space.

3. It can reduce allergens caused by moisture, turning the trapped air into healthier air.

4. Attracts and captures excess moisture and eliminates musty to create a cleaner air.


1. Don't tear off the package before using to against moisture.

2. Don't knead or extrude the dehumidifier bag when using to against package damage.

3. This product contain calcium chloride special granule, avoid to directly contact eyes and skin.

4. Please completely flush the eyes with clear water in case of eye contact.

5. If finding little granule, crystall or powder after the bag opened, belong to the regular phenomenon.

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