Closet Dehumidifier Hanger

Products Name: Closet dehumidifier hanger
Materials: Calcium chloride
Net Weight: 400g or customized
Inner bag Size: 36*23cm or customized
Out side packaging: Poly bag or color box
MOQ: 5000pcs
Functions: Remove humidity, eliminate odors...

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Product Description

Designed to remove moisture from the closet, this closet dehumidifier hanger also helps prevent moisture and mold. It is ideal for wardrobes, cabinets, jewelry boxes, drawers, gym bags, bookcases, boats and storage boxes with electronics.

The closet dehumidifier hanger is equipped with a kind of bead with refined calcium chloride, which will treat odors and molds by rapid dehumidification. It has a powerful dehumidifying function, which makes the humid environment dry and refreshed, thus preventing the daily necessities such as clothing, quilts, shoes, socks and the like in the wardrobe from being affected by the various bacteria.


1. Environmentally friendly products, no pollution, can be directly thrown into the trash can after use;

2. A sturdy hook keeps the collected moisture;

3. High quality products are worthy of your trust;

4. Scientific anti-leakage packaging design ensures that the absorbed water does not leak;

5. The top hook allows it to be hung in a closet, bathroom, etc.

6. Suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, wardrobes, dormitories, basements, offices, etc.


Products NameHanging dehumidifer bag
MaterialsCalcium chloride
Net Weight400g or customized
Inner bag Size36*23cm or customized
Out side packagingPoly bag or color box
Samples timeFree samples leading time within 5days
CertificatesMSDS, DMF, RoHS, SVHC
PaymentTT, LC, PayPal
FunctionsRemove humidity, eliminate odors

Use Instructions

1. Remove the bag from the outer bag.

2. Place it in the seal where dehumidification is required.

3. Keep a distance of at least 5-10 cm between the bag and the cargo.

4. With the dehumidifier in full contact with the air, remove about 1 or 2 bags.


1. Do not tear off the package to prevent moisture before use.

2. Do not knead or squeeze the dehumidification bag when it is used to prevent damage to the package.

3. This product contains special calcium chloride particles to avoid direct contact with eyes and skin and can not be eaten.

4. If the bag is opened, it is normal to find small particles, crystals or powder.


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