Refillable Interior Dehumidifier

Refillable interior dehumidifier takes great quality calcium chloride as main component, can absorb excess moisture well to prevent mold & mildew and helps protect against damp and condensation....

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Available model: 400ml /200g, 700ml/300g, 900ml/450g

Scent available: Jasmin, lavender, rose, lemon, ocean

Type: refillable type

Refillable interior dehumidifier is made with calcium chloride as main component. The dehumidification pack can be replaced with a bag of refill pack when the original calcium chloride fully turns into liquid. It is available in jasmin, lavender, rose, lemon and ocean scent.


Strongly remove moisture and mildew from wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, shoe cabinets, and tool cases. Protect valuables such as computers, pianos, and audio equipment

Using steps:

1. Cut the plastic bag and take out the water bag.

2. Open the lid and put the water collection bag into the box. Note that the white lock wet paper is facing up and close the lid.

3. When the white moisture absorbent fully turns into liquid, replace it with a bag of refill pack. 


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