Fragrance Free Interior Dehumidifier

The interior dehumidifier use excellent calcium chloride as main ingredient, which can absorb extra water well to prevent mold and mildew to help protect against damage caused by damp....

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The fragrance free interior dehumidifier uses excellent calcium chloride as main ingredient. calcium chloride adsorbs moisture in the air. After absorbing moisture, it eventually turns into liquid and flows into the lower space of the box.

Model: 300ml/ 100g, 400ml /200g, 500ml/ 220g, 600ml/280g, 700ml/ 300g ,900ml/450g

Type: disposable or refillable, fragrance free

Effective Control of Moisture

Interior dehumidifier is a useful solution that reduces extra moisture in the air, preventing damage that is usually caused by moisture. It dries the air to an extent and does not damage plants, furniture or household goods. The fragrance free interior dehumidifier can be used in bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, storage closets, boats or any other place that tend to have excess moisture and stagnant air. This absorber not only diminishes the excess moisture, but also reduces the growth of moisture-borne diseases and insects.

Using steps:

It is easy to use. Remove the lid, and then gently tear the upper sealing aluminum foil paper. Then cover the lid, and place it on the place where moisture needs to be absorbed. Be careful not to damage the underlying white breathable paper when tearing off the upper seal aluminum foil.


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