Bamboo Charcoal Odor Remover Sachet

​Product Name: Bamboo charcoal odor remover sachet​
Type available: With rope strip or eyelet hole
Weight: 50gram, 75gram, 100gram, 200gram, 500 gram
Main ingredient: High quality bamboo charcoal
Packing material available: linen fabric, SMS fabric, pp fabric...

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Product Description

Reusable, recyclable and easy to use bamboo charcoal odor remover sachet is an all-natural solution that eliminates all odors in the home or business. Simply place the bamboo charcoal odor remover near the source of the odor to get a fresh scent.

 The bamboo charcoal odor remover sachet is non-toxic, chemical-free, fragrance-free and safe to use around people and pets. Each sachet can be reused for many years, which can be reactivated in direct sunlight and eventually recycled in your garden soil.

All-natural bamboo charcoal sachet is hypoallergenic and does not irritate asthma or other respiratory diseases. We offer complete product assurance and advanced customer service, and we are here to help.


Product name
Bamboo charcoal odor remover sachet
Type availableWith rope strip or eyelet hole
Main ingredientHigh quality bamboo charcoal
Weight50gram, 75gram, 100gram, 200gram, 500 gram
Packing material availableLinen fabric, SMS fabric, pp fabric
Color availableBrown, green, gray, black, or customized
SampleFree sample available
FunctionRemove odors, freshen air, control air moisture


1. Super quality fabric with good permeability and water proof, tough, super dense porous, breathable and other characters

2. It can be reused for many years and can be recycled, just reactivate in the sun.

3. Easy to use, just place or hang near any source of odor.

4. 100% high quality, free of any harmful chemicals or fragrances, safe for people and pets.

5. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal helps to remove airborne contaminants, allergens and bacteria by trapping impurities in the pores.

6. It absorbs moisture, helping to eliminate moisture and terrible musty and improve air quality in the home.


Bathroom, laundry, bedroom, kitchen, closet;

Gym locker room and games room;

Pet area, mud room, garden or power tool shed;

Cars, boats, RVs and garages;

Closed or semi-closed smoking areas, etc.

Packaging Details

Outer packing solution: in blank poly bag, compound bag, printed compound bag, craft paper box, craft paper bag etc.

Comprehensive packing solutions:

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