Activated Charcoal Sachet Odor Absorber

​Item: ​Activated charcoal sachet odor absorber
Main ingredient: global activated carbon
Net weight: 2400 gram per package
Carbon bag size: 12*10 cm
Specification: 100g * 24 pcs, newly handle design, easy use....

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Product Description

The main component of activated charcoal sachet odor absorber is modified spherical activated carbon. It can effectively remove harmful substances such as diphenyl, ammonia and TVOC . The effect is particularly obvious for newly renovated houses.

Activated charcoal sachet odor absorber is an effective adsorption medium for the removal of odors from gas phase streams. It actively removes odors and toxic compounds. As a perfect solution to eliminate your unpleasant odor problems and clean air now, activated charcoal sachet odor absorber works effectively in any space where harsh odors invade.

Made from 100% all-natural sustainable bamboo activated carbon, our activated charcoal sachet odor absorber ensures you and your environment are safe. It is used for safe deodorizing bedrooms, closets, laundry, cars, boats, gym lockers, clothing baskets, mud rooms and countless other areas that may invade the smell.


ItemActivated charcoal sachet odor absorber
MaterialGlobal activated carbon
Net weight2400 gram per package
100g * 24 pcs, newly handle design, easy use.
Valid date3 years in the vacuum condition
Outer box size29*16*16cm
Inner Aluminum foil bag size20*8.5**6 cm
Carbon bag size12*10 cm


1. Modified spherical activated carbon, unifrom size, no dust.

2. Double-layer HD-AIR non-woven fabric, no ash leakage, good breathability.

3. Aluminum foil seal, prevent air and prevent ash from entering.

4. The charcoal package is white and clean, and is suitable for most home decoration main colors.


1. The optimal pore structure facilitates rapid absorption.

2. Powerful deodorant charcoal neutralizes the smell of tobacco, sweat and mold.

4. Made from high quality bamboo charcoal to ensure maximum odor absorption efficiency.

5. Prevent bacterial growth, absorb chemicals and allergies, and remove any volatile chemicals.

6. Activated carbon shrinks, so it's easy to know when to replace a new wardrobe deodorant.


- Air filtration: Absorbs harmful chemicals and substances in the air.

- Deodorization: Eliminate the smell around the closet, bathroom, refrigerator, laundry room.

- Air freshener: Releases negative ions to help clean the air.

- Humidity adjustment: helps balance humidity levels.

Usage Suggestion

1 box = 24 packs for small size rooms

2 box = 48 packs for medium size rooms

3 box = 72 packs for large size rooms


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