Activated Charcoal Bag Air Freshener

Item: Activated charcoal bag air freshener
Carbon bag size: 12*10 cm
Main ingredient: global activated carbon
Net weight: 2400 gram per package
Valid date: 3 years in the vacuum condition

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Product Description

The activated charcoal bag air freshener just like an air purifier that keeps the fresh smell of all the rooms, cars, shoes, gym bags and travel goods. The main component of the activated charcoal bag air freshener is modified spherical activated carbon. It can effectively remove harmful substances such as diphenyl, ammonia and TVOC. For newly renovated houses, the effect is particularly obvious.

Using 100% natural organic bamboo as a raw material, it prevents mold growth by reducing humidity, free of chemicals, fragrance-free, and non-toxic. As a perfect air freshener, neutralizer and deodorant, it is the perfect housewarming gift set!


ItemActivated charcoal bag air freshener
MaterialGlobal activated carbon
Net weight2400 gram per package
100g * 24 pcs, newly handle design, easy use.
Valid date3 years in the vacuum condition
ApplicationAnywhere of in the interior room space
Outer box size29*16*16cm
Inner Aluminum foil bag size20*8.5**6 cm
Carbon bag size12*10 cm


1. Modified spherical activated carbon, uniform size, no dust.

2. Double-layer HD-AIR non-woven fabric, no ash leakage, good air permeability.

3. Aluminum foil seal to prevent air and dust from entering.

4. Charcoal bag is white and clean, suitable for most home decoration main colors.

5. The box package is made of reinforced corrugated paper and coated paper, which is durable.

6. Packing box with handle, easy to carry.

7. Application: It can be placed in or near shoes, gym bags, suitcases, suitcases, cars, bathrooms, newly painted walls, refrigerators, etc.

Usage Suggestion

1 box = 24 packs for small size rooms

2 box = 48 packs for medium size rooms

3 box = 72 packs for large size rooms


1. Place the charcoal bag in the corner of the room, cabinet, drawer, etc.

2. It can usually work after two weeks. It can be recycled for one year. After using it for a period of time (20--30 days), it should be exposed to sunlight for 3-4 hours to release the moisture in it, and then it can be used again.

3. The charcoal package is breathable and does not require cutting the charcoal.

4. Not edible, please stay away from children.



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